Why does toilet paper NEED a commercial? Who is not buying toilet paper?




If you didn’t think “Shia LaBeouf” could get better, you were wrong.

I literally can’t believe this exists there are tears in my eyes that I don’t remember crying

i just

when i am sad, i am sad

but when i’m happy oh god i’m happy

People who think porn is wrong really need to think more about humanity


Gr8 cool I will do that while u engage in the totally natural act of watching people you don’t know have sex, without knowing why they are there, if they are being forced into it, if they are underage, if they consented to every act, if they have to take drugs just to get through it, the possibility of diseases, and the overall consequences for porn stars mental health, the entrenched violence and misogyny, the faked orgasms and the ridiculous expectation of sex that it perpetuates. By all means beat off to that. But don’t tell yourself it’s good for humanity. Sex has always existed. Porn, particularly violent, hardcore porn, has not.


U ever wish u were Mysterious but u can’t stop talking about urself

saw this really fucking hot who went to my high school so of course i looked really pale and disheveled from being sick 

A male author can write about unlikable male characters. They’re called anti-heroes and it’s called a novel.
Gillian Flynn on people calling her writing misogynistic in Glamour magazine, the October 2014 issue. The level of sass and taking no shit from both her and Rosamund Pike-who Flynn interviews in this article-is strong and gives me life. (via staininyourbrain)

Xanax is such a lifesaver sometimes


Shia Labeouf for interview magazine november 2014


Photography CRAIG MCDEAN


when jim isn’t settling back easy